Bug Sweeping Services

QCC Bug Sweeping services deliver the highest possible level of assurance for our Clients that they are free from eavesdropping attacks up to and including government level threats.

All QCC Bug Sweeping services are ISO accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and they provide a complete range of services to cover all Client requirements. As the world’s largest Bug Sweeping services company we are the ideal choice for all Clients. We have over 20 years’ experience in working for Governments, large international companies, small local companies and private individuals. Our team treat all Clients, large or small with the same care and professionalism to ensure their specific needs are met. Our bug sweeping services scale, knowledge and equipment are completely unmatched and we are highly experienced in delivery of bug sweeping services both on a global scale ongoing and for a private person as a one off requirement. QCC bug sweeping services do significantly reduce our Clients risk of eavesdropping and loss of information in general. Whether you need bug sweeping in London, Brussels, Zurich, Geneva, the UK, USA, Switzerland, France, Germany, Singapore or anywhere else on the planet QCC can help you. Bug sweeping is also referred to as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) and further information can be found on our TSCM services page.

Our Bug Sweeping solutions:

Bug sweeping services threat briefings

QCC delivers outstanding FREE threat briefings on bug sweeping and eavesdropping for security heads, IT managers, facilities managers and executives / directors. These briefings give the delegates a clear understanding of bugging attacks, how they work, which bugs are most common and what can really be done to detect and counter them with bug sweeping services and by using the knowledge gained from our briefing. Lastly the briefing will clear up any misinformation you may have received about how bugs operate and how they can actually be detected. When the briefing finished the delegates can any questions they wish to about bugging, bugs or bug sweeping and the QCC presenter will give a clear non-confusing answer.

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Bugging risk assessments

QCC conducts Risk Assessments (RA) to identify if an individual or organisation is at risk from bugging attacks and at what level. The results from the RA are then available to use to decide what is the best way to implement a suitable level of bug sweeping services to reduce the risk of bugging to an acceptable level while still making sure costs are kept to a minimum and the Client receives the best possible return on investment.

Bug sweeping strategy and implementation

QCC provides two options for bug sweeping strategy:

Option 1
QCC guide Clients on set up and operation of their own in-house bug sweeping team, the delivery of those bug sweeping service and provision of all equipment, training and ongoing backup including ongoing bugging threat updates and bug sweeping training to make sure the in-house bug sweeping services team remain fully current.

Option 2
QCC can advise on bug sweeping strategy and scope and then act as the provider of the capability as a fully managed bug sweeping services solution.

Bug sweeping

QCC delivers a complete suite of bug sweeping services to match all Client needs. We deliver huge bug sweeping experience on a global scale in all types of bug sweeping services including:

QCC conduct bug sweeping of homes, hotels rooms, conference centres, exhibition chalets, offices, data centres, industrial sites, nuclear sites, factories, laboratories, and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) controlled sites.

QCC conduct bug sweeping of cars or any other type of vehicle. Bug sweeps of vehicles are a key consideration as people often make confidential phone calls from cars. These kinds of vehicle bug sweep will also identify tracking devices fitted to a vehicle / car which are often an indicator to a planned kidnapping attempt of the target person.

Jets & aircraft
QCC conduct bug sweeping of corporate and government jets. This type of bug sweep is growing in popularity with jets regularly being used to hold sensitive meetings. Jets are more often than not leased or left unsecured on stand which makes them an easy target for bugging attacks. Very unique knowledge and equipment are required to properly complete a bug sweep of a jet. QCC bug sweeping teams are fully trained in these skills and use the best bug sweeping equipment available to provide bug sweeping services of aircraft / jets to the finest standard.

QCC delivers bug sweeping services of both privately-owned superyachts and chartered superyachts. Bug sweeping of superyachts has become standard practice for QCC’s bug sweeping teams because superyachts are commonly used to host confidential meetings and business negotiations. Often superyachts are used hold contract signing events off shore in international waters or in tax haven waters where the vessels position when the event happens will have direct relation to the tax and legal rules and jurisdictions which apply to the contract. Highly specialist bug sweeping skills and equipment are required to properly bug sweep a superyacht and QCC has both the expertise and the best equipment available to provide bug sweeping services to the most exacting standards.

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Bug sweeping of sensitive meetings with live monitoring

In addition to our standard bug sweeping services QCC also delivers bug sweeping and live monitoring of radio communications for sensitive meeting for the period of the meeting. These bug sweep services consist of a bug sweep followed by continual live monitoring of the radio spectrum to make sure that no localised eavesdropping occurs while the sensitive meeting is taking place. To properly deliver this service for all forms of eavesdropping attack requires capability and processes proprietary to QCC. No other bug sweeping services provider has the required capability to fully provide these specialist bug sweeping services.

Permanently fitted bug sweeping live monitoring solutions

When permanent bug sweeping live monitoring solutions are needed, QCC can discuss this with the Client, understand the requirements and goals of the project. We then recommend the best solution, provide technical advice, assist the decision process and conduct the site survey, design & install to ensure Client requirements are fully met. Bug sweeping fitted live monitoring solutions are often required for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility’s (SCIF) or secure containers in embassy’s or other locations where no unauthorised mobile phones or Radio Frequency (RF) equipment is allowed.