How do I determine the scope of areas to be included in a counter espionage inspection?

The scope of a counter surveillance inspection

The areas for inclusion in a TSCM (bug sweeping) inspection are assessed during the initial meeting with the counter surveillance service supplier. This initial risk assessment will focus on the most likely targets for information theft.

These areas normally include meeting rooms and areas where confidential company information is discussed, or where services or circuits carrying confidential information is accessible.

The main areas for counter espionage inspection

The main areas for counter surveillance operations include the offices of senior management and their personal assistants, specific and general meeting/conference rooms, research and development departments, the offices housing legal departments, offices of persons arranging counter surveillance inspections and computer/telecoms rooms and risers.

The inspection may also include rooms adjoining these areas, as technology is available to listen and pick up room audio through walls.

A competent bug sweeping company like QCC Global will advise you of the areas to be inspected and justify their recommendations with clarity.