Drone Forensics Services

Drones, or UAVs, are now a common sight in our skies, used for everything from photography to industrial inspections. However, with their rise, there’s been a surge in their misuse for illegal activities. This is where drone forensics comes into play. By examining drones and their data, whether intact or crashed, we uncover vital information such as flight paths, locations, and captured media. This data is crucial for law enforcement and security agencies to crack down on illegal activities and bring offenders to justice.

Our Drone Forensics solutions:

What is Drone Forensics ?

Drone Forensics is the term used to describe the forensic processing and forensic analysis of drones or Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV’s) whether they are whole and intact or have been crashed and damaged and only some parts are available. Drone forensics is also sometimes referred to as UAV Forensics. Drone forensics involves the recovery in a forensically sound way of any data stored within the drone itself or held on any removeable media which the drone has used. The recovered data is then copied again in a forensically sound way and a forensic analysis is then conducted on the copy of the data. Analysis of data found on a typical drone will more often than not recover data relating to flights, their routes, locations, altitudes, times, dates and both video and still images the drone has captured. All of this information can be provided in a detailed forensic report and statement to the Client for their further investigation or for provision to the courts as an evidential package.

Why do we need Drone Forensics services ?

Drone forensics services are a valuable tool for many types of drone investigation including:

  • Smuggling of drugs into prisons using drones
  • Smuggling of mobile phones into prisons using drones
  • Smuggling of knives or guns into prisons using drones
  • Disruption of airports and air traffic using drones
  • Delivery of IED’s into stadiums or other venues by terrorists using drones
  • Invasion of privacy by press or paparazzi using drones
  • Espionage by intelligence agents using drones

The above list is not exhaustive but provides a good flavour of the many nefarious uses of drones and illustrates why drone forensics is such an important capability for investigators to be able to call on.

QCC’s Drone Forensics service

As far as we have been able to tell QCC developed the world’s first drone forensics capability in 2014 which we made available to police and government agencies. Our current drone forensics service is fully ISO accredited and meets full criminal justice standards as evidence in both criminal trials and civil court cases. Our drone forensics teams also provide expert witness services to support the drone forensics work they conduct.

For more information on the different Drone Forensics services which QCC provides please contact us for more information or visit our Drone Forensics Case Studies page.