Eavesdropping Devices Found in Restaurant

Eavesdropping Devices Found in Restaurant

Police investigators believe two eavesdropping devices found inside a Europort restaurant, placed on the underside of a table, could be related to comparable bugging cases in 2014 that targeted financial executives and prominent lawyers.


Past Devices

The two bugs discovered were reportedly similar to another found underneath a table located in a boardroom in Atlantic Suites on Europort Avenue at the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission several years ago. These eavesdropping devices were allegedly crude and easily obtainable, highlighting a growing trend of their usage.


In 2014, police began an investigation when a tracking device was discovered on a motorbike belonging to a senior partner at one of Gibraltar’s foremost law firms. As the investigation unfolded, it became apparent that others in the legal and financial sectors had been targeted, including at least three other senior figures. One of those targeted had their office bugged with a device similar to those recently uncovered. Although investigators could not conclusively link the cases, there was strong suspicion that they were connected.


Recently Discovered Devices

The devices recently found in the Europort restaurant have now been examined after being removed by the police. Investigators established that the listening bugs almost definitely dated back several years and were inactive at the time of removal. The restaurant, popular with lawyers and finance centre workers, had its staff discover the two devices while repairing a damaged table-top. The bugs were cheap variants, easily purchased and installed.


Ongoing Investigation


The spy devices were ingeniously powered either by battery or directly from the mains supply of the electric typewriter. Once every 82 seconds, the devices would transmit 400 microsecond radio bursts of eight encrypted keystrokes. In this way, a record of what was being typed in the Embassy was passed directly to the Kremlin. This covert operation allowed the Soviets to access sensitive information without detection for several years.


Advanced Security Measures

The investigation remains ongoing, but police acknowledge the difficulty in isolating who conceived the surveillance operation. The crude nature of the devices and their easy availability complicate efforts to trace their origins and the individuals responsible.


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