How long will a counter surveillance inspection take?

The duration of a TSCM (bug sweeping) inspection is dependent on several major factors, including:

  • The number and size of the target rooms to be inspected.
  • The amount of electronic and electrical equipment within the area.
  • The amount of structured cabling and complexity of telecommunications equipment in use within the office.

As a rough guide, a typical counter surveillance (bug sweeping) inspection would take a 4 to 5 man team two full days to complete. This would cover 10-15 average sized meeting rooms, 2 larger conference A/V rooms, and 6 normal sized executives offices. In addition, this would also include an inspection of all telephone and data services at each location housing an average amount of electronic equipment.

In choosing your TSCM (bug sweeping) company, be aware that less professional companies may attempt to baffle clients using complex terms and the illusion of technicality. We have experienced clients being misled into commissioning inadequate inspections using too small a team on a walk through with a receiver and simple detector. Reliance on this type of service will not discover eavesdropping devices or uncover other forms of information loss or compromise. This kind of mistake can prove costly for the unsuspecting client.

To minimise such risk, always ensure you use a professional and competent counter surveillance company like QCC Global to carry out bug sweeping inspections.