How can I implement a TSCM (bug sweeping) or Counter Surveillance Policy?

Implementing a counter surveillance policy

The first step is to research and decide upon a suitable and reputable TSCM or counter surveillance service supplier.

After initially contacting the chosen TSCM (bug sweeping) company, normal practise would be to arrange for an initial in depth inspection of the target area(s) that you believe to have been compromised or subjected to unauthorised surveillance.

Initial in-depth inspection

At QCC we call this initial inspection service a Deep Sweep*.

A Deep Sweep includes a full counter surveillance inspection of the target area(s) and a report detailing the results of the inspection, as well as all findings relating to the security of the target area inspected. We have extended this service to include all entrances and exit points to the building that access the inspected target areas.

Reporting and counter surveillance recommendations

Following inspection, a report should be provided with information suitable for readers from both technical and non-technical backgrounds, covering the processes and procedures involved in the TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures) inspection.

Findings within the report should include recommendations made to address specific eavesdropping issues and for improving building security specifically and generally.

A professional counter surveillance company with a good knowledge of the subject of TSCM and the general technical security field will also be able to recommend countermeasures and procedures to mitigate the chance of compromise in the future.


Implementing the recommendations contained within the report and adopting the recommended improved working practices, alongside regular TSCM inspections will lead to comprehensive protection from unauthorised eavesdropping.

*The term ‘Deep Sweep’ refers to a QCC TSCM Counter Surveillance service where the target area is thoroughly inspected by experienced professionals and circuits are sealed using our unique ‘tamper evident’ seals.