IMSI Catcher Detection Services

An IMSI catcher is a system that simulates a cell tower to trick mobile phones to connecting to it, rather than an actual cell tower. The IMSI catcher acts as a man-in-the-middle attack, sitting in between the mobile phone and the cell tower, allowing the IMSI catcher to examine all of the data that the mobile phone thinks it’s sending straight to a real cell tower, as well as everything that it receives, such SMS messages and phone calls.

All QCC IMSI catcher detection services are fully ISO certified and provide a wide range of options to match all client needs.

Our IMSI Catcher solutions:

What can be done about IMSI Catchers?

QCC developed an IMSI catcher detector and is able to provide IMSI catcher detection as service to both private and government clients. The service involves one of  QCC’s highly trained engineers travelling to the target location to conduct a survey using the IMSI catcher detector designed and built by QCC. From the survey, the engineer will inform the client of any IMSI catcher systems that are operating in the surrounding areas and guide the client with how best to deal with the situation.

How can IMSI Catchers be harmful?

Without IMSI catcher detection, you can never really be sure that the private information sent to cell towers from your mobile phone will stay private. IMSI catchers can be used to gather a wide variety of personal data and information, that could ultimately lead to devastating personal or business losses. Anyone in control of an IMSI catcher system would posses the ability capture potentially sensitive communications and then are able to do whatever they wish with any newly acquired private information. As well as capturing private information, the operator of an IMSI catcher system would also be able to interrupt or even stop any communications to and from your mobile phone.

What information can an IMSI Catcher gather?

The private information acquired by an IMSI catcher system could be anything sent in plain text via SMS, such as the location of a secure meeting or risk IP being stolen. Without deploying an IMSI catcher detector, the operator could also be monitoring exactly who your calling and when you’re calling them without you knowledge.

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