JJN Digital CAM-105w – Supply & Training

JJN Digital CAM-105w Multiband Cellular Signal Detector

The JJN Digital CAM-105w is a handheld multiband cellular signal detector designed to detect and locate 2G, 3G and 4G transmissions. To help with the growing threat from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, the CAM-105w also has a separate 2400 MHz band detector.

Signals can be picked up from up to 50 metres away with the CAM-105w due to its multiple high gain amplifiers. To assist with finding the precise location of a transmission, the sensitivity level on the CAM-105w can be systematically reduced.

The CAM-105w can store up 4000 cellular events that can be viewed either graphically or as a list. To help the operator identify the type of device that’s being detected, the JJN Digital CAM-105w will record the signal strength, band detected, duration and time and date of each signal that’s detected, no matter how long or short. The event log can be downloaded in its entirety to a USB stick where it can be transferred to a computer for further analysis.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the CAM-105w is built into a custom machined aluminium enclosure with an internal lithium-polymer battery pack. The JJN Digital CAM-105w system is supplied in a heavy-duty military standard carry case to provide maximum protection.

Please Note: QCC Global Ltd only supplies accredited TSCM training services to Government, Military, Law Enforcement, CPNI & Commercial Partnership clients.

JJN Digital CAM-105w Specifications

Detected Bands

  • 4G 800MHz
    • Band Width: 824 – 849 MHz
    • Out-of-Band Attn: >40dB typ
    • Min. Detection Level: -59dBm
  • 2G/4G 1800MHz
    • Band Width: 1710 – 1785MHz
    • Out-of-Band Attn: >40dB typ
    • Min. Detection Level: -52dBm
  • 4G 2600MHz
    • Band Width: 2500 – 2570 MHz
    • Out-of-Band Attn: >40dB typ
    • Min. Detection Level: -48dBm
  • 2G 900MHz
    • Band Width: 880 – 915MHz
    • Out-of-Band Attn: >40dB typ
    • Min. Detection Level: -52dBm
  • 3G (UMTS) (WCDMA) 2100 MHz
    • Band Width: 1925 – 1975MHz
    • Out-of-Band Attn: > 70dB
    • Min. Detection Level: -76dBm
    • Band Width: 2400 – 2485 MHz
    • Out-of-Band Attn: >40dB typ
    • Min. Detection Level: -56dBm

User Interface

  • Display TFT Colour 3.5 in High Contrast Graphic Display
  • Event Log
    • Maximum 4000 Events – Cellular Log
    • Maximum 24 Hours – 2.4GHz/Wifi/Bluetooth Log
  • USB Socket For USB Stick download only


  • Operating Temperature Range: -15 to +50 degrees C – Relative Humidity < 90%


  • Dimensions 173 x 103 x 25mm
  • Weight 400 g – Main Unit
  • Signal Processing and Control RISC Based Microcontroller with real time clock

Power Supply

  • Internal Battery 3.7V 2400 mAH Li-Ion rechargeable
  • Operating Duration – fully charged battery 8 hours
  • Charge Time – 4 hours