Physical Penetration Testing Services

QCC provides a full range of Physical Penetration Testing (PPT) services to our Corporate, Government and Private Clients including: Social Engineering Penetration Testing (SEPT), Cyber Penetration Testing (CPT), Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS) and Covert Surveillance. Physical penetration testing is sometimes also called Red Team Testing or Red Teaming.

QCC physical penetration testing services are followed up with an outstanding report detailing identified vulnerabilities along with relevant recommendations of remediation to ensure security is improved and maximum risk reduction is achieved.

Our Physical Pen Testing solutions:

Risk assessments

QCC can conduct a physical penetration testing Risk Assessment (RA) to ascertain the level of risk a Client site is exposed to and provide guidance on the appropriate level and types of PPT which would be suitable to apply to manage risk down to an acceptable level.

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Threat briefings

QCC delivers physical security / PPT threat briefings to security managers, facilities managers or executives responsible for the protection of their organisation from the risk of physical attack and unauthorised physical intrusion. Briefings are bespoke to each audience to ensure they achieve a full understanding of the subject matter whether they have a technical or non-technical background.

Strategic advice

QCC provides strategic advice on the setting up and running of PPT schedules and programmes for security managers, facilities managers or executives. Advice is risk based and helps ensure the correct levels of testing are focused on the right sites and in the right areas. Guidance is provided in non-jargon language to make sure that everyone including non-security staff receive maximum knowledge gain to enable them to make the best decisions for their organisation.

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Physical penetration testing details

At QCC we conduct our physical penetration testing in a very planned and structured way, following procedures and techniques we have developed and perfected over the last 20 years. To date QCC has a 100% record for gaining unauthorised access to every Client site we have be instructed to test. This clearly demonstrates two things:

1. Physical security vulnerabilities are very common and can be exploited by intruders.

2. QCC are the ideal company to identify vulnerabilities, advise on remediation and reduce your risk.

We cannot provide full details of the exact techniques we use to conduct our PPT testing here on our website because this could reduce the effectiveness of our work. We can however tell you that we use SEPT, OSINT, CHIS, Covert Surveillance, technical physical security bypass techniques and over 20 years of good old experience. Following each physical penetration test we deliver a full report containing details of the testing, the methods used, the vulnerabilities identified with coinciding recommendations of remediation to manage risk down to a level which is acceptable to the Client.

If you are interested in using our PPT services and would like to know more about what is involved please do contact us and we will be happy to explain more about the service than we can share on our website.

Contact us for further advice or view some of our Physical Penetration Testing case studies.