QCC Portable RF Jammer – Supply & Training

QCC Portable RF Jammer

The Signal Source (SS) high and low band range of portable jammers provides a complete solution for jamming any cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices operating in meeting rooms or secure areas giving unprecedented capability to government approved agencies.

The two units are solely designed and manufactured in the UK. They are an ultra lightweight multi-band jammer system and have a simple, intuitive user interface allowing the operator to select jamming criteria including sweep range / speed and output level for each resource card.

The simple but feature-rich interface also allows the operator to select start and stop frequencies for any selected bands meaning it can be used as a standalone system or in  conjunction with the QCC BlackLight to create Cellular Detection Windows (CDW), allowing the user complete control of the cellular environment.

Please Note: QCC Global Ltd only supplies accredited TSCM training services to Government, Military, Law Enforcement, CPNI & Commercial Partnership clients.

QCC Portable Jammer Features:

  • Meeting room protection
  • Digital forensic application
  • High frequency stability
  • Deployment library
  • Fast and slow sweep rates
  • 5G standalone compatible
  • Desktop antenna solution
  • Simple operation

QCC Portable Jammer Operating Modes:​

SS010 Channels and RF Outputs:

  • Channel 1: 733—758 MHz
  • Channel 2: 2110—2170 MHz
  • Channel 3: 2010—2025 MHz
  • Channel 4: 925—960 MHz
  • Channel 5: 758—821 MHz
  • Channel 6: 1805—1920 MHz

SS011 Channels and RF Outputs:

  • Channel 1: 2570—2690 MHz
  • Channel 2: 3410—3600 MHz
  • Channel 3: 3600—3800 MHz
  • Channel 4: 2300—2400 MHz
  • Channel 5: 2400—2500 MHz
  • Channel 6: 5159—5850 MHz

QCC Portable RF Jammer

  • Compact and lightweight
  • L = 31cm x W = 12cm x H = 21cm
  • Weight = 4.6kg per unit
  • Controllable power functionality
  • RF exposure remains in ‘safe’ limits
  • Up to 18 seperate downlink frequency bands
  • Highly reliable, proven British technology
  • Collapsible wideband antenna array
  • RF output resource cards with 20dB range
  • Two channels available for future expansion
  • Complies with ‘red’ interference standards
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)