QCC SearchLight Plus – Supply & Training

QCC SearchLight Plus Cellular Detector

QCC SearchLight Plus was specifically designed for TSCM inspection, live monitoring, and illicit phone detection in prisons. SearchLight Plus can also be installed in a room as part of a permanent monitoring system in mission critical applications.

Using base-stations, SearchLight Plus is able to deliver 2G, 3G and 4G cellular detection. As well as detection, QCC SearchLight Plus can identify, locate, and manipulate devices for both close range TSCM and Prison IMSI capture tasks. SearchLight Plus uses unique hardware and software in order to capture and locate devices on 2G.

As well as being able to locate devices such as GSM bugs and cellular modems, the QCC SearchLight Plus can be used to live monitor high risk areas for cellular devices. SearchLight Plus’s live monitoring can either be deployed on a temporary basis or it can be permanently installed in a target location for long term use. Some of the functions built into the SearchLight Plus include the ability to whitelist or blacklist devices, place a device into a silent call and to retrieve the device make and model.

The QCC SearchLight Plus system has been discontinued and replaced by the QCC BlackLight. Please contact QCC for more information.