Secure Communications Case Studies

Secure Room SCIF

Secure Room for Confidential Project

A regulatory body requested assistance from QCC in setting up a secure environment to discuss and service a confidential and highly sensitive project in their Brussels headquarters. The group wanted to be able to hold conversations within adjacent meeting rooms in the main office environment. QCC took acoustic leakage measurements and reviewed the threat level from neighbouring buildings.

The solution identified and agreed, was to install an encrypted noise generator with transducers fitted to the walls and windows. Additional sound masking speakers were fitted in the ceiling void above the two meeting rooms. We also fitted counter surveillance window film to the externally facing windows. This was to prevent external laser attack and to attenuate radio signals permeating from within the secure area. The room was also inspected for listening devices. The room was physically secured by an access control and external CCTV system. QCC also wrote a security usage policy for the use of mobile phones, devices and removable media for the users of the secure area.

A secure segregated internal closed structured network was installed inside the secure area and all external IT and telephone connections were disconnected. This created a secure environment for the duration of the project. These counter measures have been left in place and can be activated the next time a project of similar importance is undertaken.

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Encrypted Communications

Encrypted Communications for Corporate Group

A QCC TSCM client in the mining sector was undertaking a confidential merger with a competitor and the additional acquisition of a new company. The senior management team including the CEO, CFO and COO wanted to communicate securely amongst this group but also with the company accountancy firm, the allocated legal representatives and the company head of audit. Some of these parties were located on different continents.

QCC provided to the members of this closed group an isolated encrypted mobile phone using the highest government grade encryption. This enabled all parties in the group to make completely secure mobile phone calls and send secure texts to all parties in all locations.

There are other alternative encrypted mobile phone software systems that can be supplied by QCC that can be installed on the users existing mobile phones, but the isolated phone option was preferred for this project.

QCC also set up a secure email system, so the group could send secure emails with fully encrypted attachments to each other using 256 AES encryption. This secure email system was hosted outside the company’s existing email servers and included a secure fax service as an addition.

This bespoke system ensured the communications were kept secure during the company’s successful business expansion plans. QCC has several different options that can be deployed to service client’s exact requirements.

Secure RF Monitoring

Secure RF Monitoring Environment

A US based research company has a need to secure an area of their offices against mobile phone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DECT and RF emissions. Physical security measures were already installed, and the secure area already had a robust TSCM program in place.

The client wanted to have permanent monitoring of wireless activity in this secure area on a 24 hour basis. QCC initially conducted a deep TSCM inspection of the secure area and a survey of the RF and Cellular environment. We then installed one system for monitoring active cellular devices, this system also had the ability to detect Bluetooth and Wi-Fi emissions from enabled devices inside the secure area.

A second system was installed to monitor the Radio Frequency spectrum from 10 KHz up to 18 GHz. Both systems can show the location of the transmitting device on an overlaid floor plan. In addition a point of entry system was also installed to detect electronic devices concealed on the person. This detection system was installed at the entrance to the secure area, and was monitored by the physical security team. QCC are partnered with the manufacturers of these systems and are also registered distributors, installers and trainers.

All the systems worked seamlessly together to give a higher level indication of hostile device activity in this highly sensitive area. QCC trained the physical security team on the operation and use of the systems and also wrote protocols for dealing with device activations on all three systems. QCC increased the frequency of full TSCM inspections within the areas to counter the types of technical eavesdropping attack that the permanent system could not detect.

The systems have provided the best possible permanent technical solution available, and, coupled with our world class TSCM inspection service, the client has achieved the highest level of assurance available.

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