Shearwater TSCM Bloodhound – Supply & Training

Shearwater TSCM Bloodhound Acoustically Stimulated Microphone Detector

Manufactured by Shearwater TSCM a leading TSCM equipment producer in the UK, the Shearwater Bloodhound is an Acoustically Stimulated Microphone Detector (ASMD) designed for use by Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) teams to detect audio eavesdropping. When a microphone detects sound, it produces a magnetic field, so the Bloodhound works by detecting the radiated field created by the microphone. The operator of the Bloodhound can either listen to detected audio or establish acoustic feedback.

Several different types of espionage attacks can be detected by the Shearwater Bloodhound, including amplified wired microphone systems, where a listening post is directly wired to the target site. The Bloodhound works by subjecting a detected audio signal to high amplification and uses elaborate filtering to remove extraneous noise.

The Shearwater Bloodhound has two operational modes: Covert and Overt – covert being passive and overt being active. In covert mode, the operator listens for room noises as detected by an eavesdropping microphone with the Bloodhounds filter and headset. A correctly carried out covert search won’t alert an attacker at a listening post. In overt mode, the addition of a power amplifier is made to the system. A distinguishable howl is produced by the Shearwater Bloodhound when the system goes into acoustic feedback after the probe detects a microphone.

The shearwater Bloodhound Acoustically Stimulated Microphone Detector system includes, a probe and antenna, a belt-worn filter, a headset, a power amplifier, a sound source and a robust transit case.

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