Shearwater TSCM Merlin MK4 – Supply & Training

Shearwater TSCM Merlin MK4 RF Spectrum Analyser

Produced by Shearwater TSCM a leading UK TSCM equipment manufacturer, the Merlin MK4 is a high-end TSCM spectrum analyser with cutting-edge design and performance. The Merlin MK4 is tailored for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) use and features Shearwater’s own receiver. The Merlin MK4 has two quad-core computers built-in, these operate Linux for the digitiser and Windows for the scan.

Offering rapid deployment and portability, the Shearwater Merlin MK4 can give an operator quick access to several tools, such as a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth spectrum monitor, SDR Demodulation and mains monitoring. The Merlin MK4 is an ultra-fast spectrum analyser with an acquisition rate of 52 Terahertz per second and has a bandwidth of up to 30 GHz.

The Shearwater Merlin MK4 spectrum analyser features multiple trace for RF mapping, a 3D waterfall view and the demodulation screen on the Merlin MK4 also includes a waterfall. Directional finding capability is provided to the Merlin MK4 via the included external directional handheld antenna that can also be tripod mounted. Other external antennas can also be used for more specific requirements.

The compact all in one unit of the Shearwater Merlin MK4 houses the hot swappable battery that powers the unit when not connected to mains power. The Merlin MK4 can be controlled wirelessly via a tablet or wired via an ethernet cable with either a MAC or a PC.

Please Note: QCC Global Ltd only supplies accredited TSCM training services to Government, Military, Law Enforcement, CPNI & Commercial Partnership clients.

Shearwater TSCM Merlin MK4 Specifications

50kHz to 30GHz Spectrum Capture and Recording

  • Receiver A/D 160 Msps (million samples per second) Sampling Rate
  • Receiver A/D 16-bit Resolution
  • 50kHz to 30GHz Tuning Range
  • 10Hz Tuning Resolution
  • 52 Terahertz per second Signal Acquisition
  • 5kHz to 5MHz (octave increments) Resolution Bandwidths (RBW)
  • RF Input Range of +5dBm to Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL)
  • Displayed Average Noise Level:
    • dBm (DANL)
    • 50 kHz to 1 MHz –130
    • 1 MHz to 5 MHz –140
    • 5 MHz to 60 MHz –155
    • 60 MHz to 6 GHz –160
    • 6GHz to 30GHz -140
  • +/- 2.0dB RF Amplitude Accuracy
  • < -95dBm RF input LO Leakage
  • < -120dBm System Clock Spurs (>200MHz)
  • < -85dBm System Clock Spurs (<200MHz)
  • Residual Responses (RF Input -20dBm, 0dB Attenuation) < -90dBm
  • Spur and Image Rejection: ( -30dBm into Aux input, 0dB Attenuation, max RF gain)
    • < -90dBc (50kHz-60MHz)
    • < -80dBc (60Mhz-6.0GHz)
    • < -45dBc (6.0GHz-30GHz)
  • Frequency Stability 50MHz TCXO reference +/- 1ppm

SDR Demodulation

  • Demodulation IF Bandwidth: 625KHz to 40MHz (octave increments)
  • Spur and Image Rejection: < -90dBc
  • Demodulation Modes are AM, FM Narrow, FM Wide, USB, LSB (custom modes available upon request)
  • Mode Bandwidth: 1kHz to 300kHz, 1 Hz adjustable, built in presets for common modes and bandwidths (custom bandwidths available upon request)
  • Demodulation Tuning Range: Merlin centre frequency +/- IF Bandwidth
  • 10Hz Tuning Resolution
  • Audio Recording and Playback

Real-time RF Signal Recording and Playback though SDR Demodulation

  • Real-time RF Bandwidth: (record or playback) 625KHz to 40MHz (octave increments) (contact factory for 80MHz option)
  • 312.5kHz to 30GHz RF Centre Frequency
  • 10Hz RF Tuning Resolution
  • 16 bits RF Amplitude Resolution
  • Real-time Recording Data Formats:
    • 16-bit raw RF samples 2s complement
    • 16-bit I/Q RF samples 2s complement (default recording mode) optional Vita 49 standard
  • Export Recording for External Analysis
  • Simultaneous Record and SDR Demodulation
  • Recording time is only limited by hard drive capacity.
    • ~7 hours of record time on a 4Tbyte hard drive at 160 Mbps 40MHz BW IQ data capture.

Bluetooth/WiFi Spectral Monitor

  • 2.4 to 2.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer for real-time Bluetooth and WiFi spectrum display
  • Noise Floor typical: -95dBm
  • Simultaneous BT Spectrum and MerlinMK4 Spectral scanning
  • Simultaneous BT Spectrum and MerlinMK4 SDR Demodulation
  • BT Spectrum Recording

TV Signal Demodulation

  • TV Modes:
    • PAL AM
    • FM Positive
    • FM Inverted
    • DVBT
    • Optional ATSC
  • 40MHz to 30GHz Tuning Range
  • 10Hz Tuning Resolution
  • +/- 5MHz FM lock range
  • Video Recording and Playback

Bluetooth Searching and Direction Finding

  • 4.1 Bluetooth Standard
  • Bluetooth Search Modes:
    • Master mode LAP/MAC search.
    • Pager mode LAP/MAC search.
  • 2.38 to 2.52 GHz Tuning Range
  • 100kHz Tuning Resolution
  • Noise Floor typical: -95dBm
  • Non-Standard Frequency search, manual and automatic in 100kHz steps
  • Single Frequency Scanning
  • Single LAP Scanning for DF: Signal, noise and signal/noise readings with real time signal/noise bar graph for DF operation