TSCM Equipment Case Studies

TSCM Equipment

The easy way is the best way

QCC global were requested by a Middle Eastern government department to advise on the setting up of an in-house counter-eavesdropping capability. The Client wanted advice on the correct suite of TSCM equipment to purchase and a single supplier to procure the equipment from. QCC was able to draw on our decades of experience in providing TSCM services to deliver the very best solution with a minimum overhead to the Client.

QCC were able to leverage our links will all TSCM equipment manufacturers in the market place and after an initial meeting with the Client to set expectations and to understand their requirements we produced a list of best of breed TSCM equipment which met and exceeded the expectations of the Clients Chief Engineer.

The inventory of equipment covered all the current and projected emerging surveillance threats and was spearheaded by the QCC SearchLight Plus cellular threat detection system to address the GSM, 3G and 4G threat vectors.

QCC also supplied RF Spectrum Analysers, Near Field RF detectors, Telephone Analysers, High Frequency NLJD (Non Linear Junction Detectors), Thermal Imaging Cameras, Forensic Lighting, Portable Digital X-Ray, Physical TSCM Search Kits, Mobile Phone / Cyber Forensics Equipment and Covert Camera Detection Systems.

The equipment was manufactured by over 20 different providers but was selected by QCC to perfectly integrate into a comprehensive suite of TSCM equipment for the Client.

QCC procured all of the equipment and obtained all of the relevant export licenses and shipping documentation before delivering the order to the Client. QCC were able to achieve significant cost and time savings for the Client by providing the complete TSCM solution package from one source (QCC). QCC dealt with all the manufacturers and took the hassle away from the customer in having to deal with multiple equipment suppliers in various countries. QCC provided first line support and acted as an interface between the Client and the manufacturers for any post sale issues or questions.

Lastly and in some ways most importantly QCC was able to deliver a comprehensive training programme on all of the equipment to ensure that its use was fully integrated and covered all of the surveillance threats.

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