TSCM Equipment

As the world’s largest TSCM company QCC has vast experience in providing government level TSCM services, equipment and training on a global scale using simply the most advanced processes and equipment available.

This makes QCC the clear choice if you are planning to procure TSCM equipment and training as we don’t just sell TSCM equipment we use it ourselves at the most advanced level. QCC understands the challenges a TSCM engineer faces when using TSCM equipment in a “real world” TSCM inspection & our training ensures these challenges do not cause a reduction in capability.

QCC develops, manufactures and supplies its own TSCM tools as well as TSCM tools and systems from all leading TSCM equipment manufacturers worldwide.

QCC listens to Client requirements and advises Clients on what combination of equipment they should purchase which is almost always a combination of equipment from many different manufactures. QCC can then train the Client on the use of that specific combination of equipment to ensure it delivers the capability they need as a comprehensive suite of TSCM kit.

Sourcing equipment through QCC could not be simpler, we ship worldwide and can arrange all export licences where required delivering significant time & financial savings to Clients as well as the very best solution to meet their needs.

All equipment is covered by full support and warranty in the event of equipment issues and QCC can provide on-going update training to Clients to ensure their TSCM teams remain fully capable of detecting and countering the latest emerging eavesdropping attacks.

Our TSCM Equipment solutions:

GSM, 2G, UMTS, 3G, LTE, 4G, 5G detection, identification & location

Surveillance devices and attack methods which use the world’s cellular telephone system are by far the largest and fastest growing surveillance threat. In recent years more GSM and Cellular bugging devices have been discovered than any other type of attack.

SearchLight Plus

QCC’s SearchLight Plus system is the only reliable system worldwide for the detection, identification & location of all cellular devices. SearchLight Plus can detect devices which are both passive (not transmitting) & active (transmitting) unlike other systems in the market. QCC is the worldwide distributer for SearchLight Plus.

Other systems

In addition to the SearchLight Plus QCC also supplies permanent monitoring systems and a range of passive Cellular detectors which can be used in conjunction with our SearchLight Plus system for the detection of active cellular devices.

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RF detection, spectrum analysis, mapping & monitoring

QCC can advise on, supply and train Clients on all makes of the sophisticated high speed RF spectrum analysers and detection systems available to identify modern RF eavesdropping attacks and emissions. Our solutions also including software defined radios and specific TSCM RF software designed for counter-surveillance inspections.

Choosing the correct specification system is important as modern RF threats are now mostly Digital, Encrypted, Frequency Hopping, Burst or other exotic modulation type devices. QCC fully understand these threats and can advise on the best systems counter this threat.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, & DECT detection & analysis

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & DECT (Digital Encrypted Cordless Telephone) surveillance devices and systems are an increasing set of threats with many new eavesdropping devices coming onto the market. QCC can supply dedicated hardware and software systems for the detection and analysis of all wireless protocol emissions.

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Telephone system & structured cable testing & analysis

Telephone systems have always been vulnerable to technical attack including analogue, digital and VoIP systems. In addition, most buildings, vehicles, jets and yachts also have large amounts of live, passive or redundant structured cabling which is also highly vulnerable to eavesdropping attack and use.

QCC provides a full suite of advice, equipment & training which can be used for analysis & testing of analogue, digital & VoIP telephone systems, PABX’s & Switches to identify any eavesdropping attacks. This equipment can also be used to test all types of installed cabling for bugs, taps and listening devices.

Thermal imaging, forensic lighting & NLJD

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) teams should perform physical searches assisted by specialist physical search aids including thermal imaging cameras, forensic lighting & NLJD’s.

QCC advises on & supplies with training a full range of thermal imaging cameras, forensic lighting & NLJD’s for TSCM Inspections and security searches. Thermal imaging cameras identify heat sources related to eavesdropping, crime scene grade forensic lighting identifies disturbances to structure, furniture and decorations & NLJD’s use harmonic refection analysis to detect the presence of electronic components & devices whether powered or passive.

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Physical search tool kits & consumables

QCC advises on & supplies with training a full range of bespoke tools kits, search aids and consumables to assist with TSCM inspections & security searches. The kits contents are custom selected and can be housed in a variety of case options. QCC works with the Client to build the very best kits to meet their requirements.

X-Ray & screening systems

QCC advises on & supplies with training a full range of portable digital X-Ray systems for use in TSCM inspections & security search operations. We can recommend the right system for your application from a range of leading manufacturers.

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Permanent RF, cellular & wireless monitoring Systems

The need for permanent 24-hour monitoring of secure areas is another area where QCC can assist. QCC can assess the requirement and recommend permanent systems for monitoring of RF, cellular & wireless protocols. Coupled with point of entry detection systems we can build and supply a suite of tools to protect sensitive areas.

We supply practical advice on what can and can’t be achieved using permanent monitoring systems and advise on gaps in capability and how the associated risk can be mitigated or reduced to an acceptable level.

Secure rooms, shielded containers & SCIF’s

QCC advises on & provides design, construction, testing & training on secure rooms, shielded containers & Secure Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF’s). Our solutions protect our Clients from RF, & audio leakage & eavesdropping and laser, TEMPEST & optical attacks.

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Other special categories

QCC advises on, supplies & trains Clients in the use of a wide range of additional government level TSCM, detection & security equipment which we cannot detail on our website. If you are a government or law enforcement agency or other organisation with similar requirements and permissions, please do contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

TSCM Training

QCC can supply full training on all TSCM and Security equipment which we supply, but also on the correct way to conduct TSCM operations against all types of buildings, vehicles, jets and yachts. Training can either be delivered at our central London offices or at live training locations worldwide. We know through many years of training experience that TSCM training is often most effective when conducted in the Clients own locations and QCC are happy to provide this option when required.

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TSCM Equipment Summary

In conclusion Clients can leverage QCC’s vast global TSCM experience to procure simply the very best TSCM equipment, training and on-going support available.

QCC delivers the complete package !