TSCM Services

QCC Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services are designed to provide government level counter-eavesdropping protection to both our Government & Corporate Clients.

All QCC TSCM services services are fully ISO accredited with ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001, we deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions which security & investigation teams can call on when required. QCC has the scale & expertise to cope with the most complex global Client requirements & has unequalled international experience.

QCC TSCM services has been proven to reduce our Clients exposure to eavesdropping and information theft. If you require TSCM services in London, Geneva, Zurich, Brussels, the USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, France or anywhere else globally, QCC can provide the right service for you.

Our TSCM solutions:

Eavesdropping / TSCM services threat briefings

QCC delivers FREE eavesdropping / TSCM services threat briefings to government officials, company directors / executives or CSO’s / CIO’s or Security Managers. These briefings will enable the audience to clearly understand the modern threat of eavesdropping / espionage, where it comes from, how it applies to their organisation, what can be done to mitigate or manage the associate risk with the implementation of TSCM services / bug sweeping and last but not least dispel any speculation, myths, smoke and mirrors about how bugs work and how they really can and can’t be detected. At the end of the briefing the audience are welcome to ask any questions about eavesdropping or TSCM services either strategic or technical and the speaker will happily provide full answers.

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Eavesdropping risk assessments

QCC can conduct a risk assessment to see if your organisation is at risk from unauthorised eavesdropping attack and if yes to what level. The results from the risk assessment can then be used to plan a targeted, risk-based approach to any counter-eavesdropping / TSCM services / bug sweeping programme which needs to be implemented. This ensures that any TSCM services supplied are appropriate, targeted and provide excellent return on investment for the Client.

TSCM services programme strategic advice

QCC offers the following two solutions for TSCM services programme strategy:

Option 1
QCC can advise Clients on the setting up and running of their own TSCM team and the internal provision of TSCM services including providing all equipment, training and ongoing support including perpetual eavesdropping threat update training to keep the inhouse TSCM services team completely current.

Option 2
QCC can advise on TSCM programme strategy and scope and then act as the provider of the capability as a fully managed TSCM services solution.

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TSCM inspections / bug sweeping

QCC provides a full range of TSCM services / bug sweeping to suite all Client requirements. We have vast global experience on a global scale in all types of TSCM services including the following:

QCC conduct counter surveillance inspections of all types of buildings including offices, data centres, homes, hotels rooms, conference centres, exhibition chalets, factories, laboratories, industrial sites, nuclear sites and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) controlled sites.

QCC regularly conducts counter surveillance inspections of cars & other vehicles. This type of TSCM inspection is becoming increasingly important as executives often make sensitive phone calls while traveling in their cars. This type of inspection will also identify any hostile tracking device fitted to a car which is often a precursor to a kidnapping attempt on the principle or a clear indicator that a covert surveillance operation is in progress.

Jets & aircraft
QCC frequently conduct TSCM inspections of corporate and government jets. This type of inspection is becoming increasingly popular as jets are often used to host confidential meetings & discussions and are often leased or left unsecured leaving them vulnerable to technical eavesdropping attack. Very specialist skills and equipment are required to conduct a TSCM inspection / bug sweep of a jet. QCC TSCM inspection teams have the required expertise and the most advanced equipment available to deliver these very specialist aircraft inspection TSCM services to the highest standard.

QCC regularly provides TSCM services of privately-owned superyachts, chartered superyachts and their respective tenders, launches and support vessels. TSCM inspections of these types of vessels are common practice for QCC counter surveillance teams as superyachts are routinely used to hold sensitive discussions, negotiations and contract signing events. These events are often held off shore in international waters or in tax haven waters where the location of the vessel when the event occurs can have direct relation to the legal and tax jurisdictions which apply to the agreement. Again very specialist skills and QCC proprietary equipment are required to properly bug sweep a superyacht and QCC counter surveillance teams have the expertise and the most advanced equipment available to deliver these TSCM services to the highest standard.

TSCM live monitoring of meetings & events

In addition to our pure TSCM services QCC also provides counter eavesdropping live monitoring of meetings or other sensitive events for their duration. These TSCM services consist of a counter surveillance inspection / bug sweep followed by live monitoring of the radio spectrum to ensure the highest possible assurance that no localised eavesdropping occurs during the sensitive meeting or call. To properly live monitor for all forms of eavesdropping attack requires capability and processes unique to QCC. No other counter eavesdropping company has the capability to fully deliver these TSCM services.

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Permanent live monitoring systems

When permanent live monitoring TSCM services are required, QCC liaise with the Client to understand the requirements and aim of the project and then provide the relevant technical advice, assist the decision process, site survey and design & install the best solution to meet the Client requirements. Counter eavesdropping live monitoring systems are often required for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility’s (SCIF) or secure containers, prisons, embassy’s or other locations where no unauthorised mobile phones or Radio Frequency (RF) transmission equipment is permitted.

TEMPEST testing

QCC offers a range of TEMPEST testing solutions including testing to meet the following standards:

NATO SDIP-27 Level A (formerly AMSG 720B) and USA NSTISSAM Level I

NATO SDIP-27 Level B (formerly AMSG 788A) and USA NSTISSAM Level II

NATO SDIP-27 Level C (formerly AMSG 784) and USA NSTISSAM Level III

NATO SDIP-29 (formerly AMSG 719G)


QCC can also provide a range of TEMPEST approved equipment for use in your secure environments.

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