TSCM Training Case Studies

Top Up Training

Top up training to fill in the gaps

QCC was contacted by a European government agency and asked to assist with TSCM training of TSCM engineers on a wide range of TSCM equipment purchased directly from numerous different manufacturers and resellers. The Client had already paid for and received the training from all of the different providers of the equipment but was very unhappy with the overall level of capability achieved by their teams post the training.

The Clients TSCM teams were having significant problems using the various TSCM tools purchased and QCC quickly identified where the issue was routed.

By procuring training from the different providers on the different TSCM tools there was no cohesive approach to the overall counter-eavesdropping inspection process their engineers were following. This meant that some of the processes and tools were causing clashes and failing to find the eavesdropping test devices they were using to validate the quality of their inspections. Also some of the equipment training had not been specific to TSCM use and this was also causing gaps in the team’s capability.

QCC conducted a gap analysis by reviewing the team’s capability and testing their effectiveness to find eavesdropping. QCC then developed a TSCM top-up course to make sure the teams worked in a structured way, understood all of the different equipment and how it interacted with the other equipment to ensure that all eavesdropping attacks could be detected during their inspections including the attacks which were previously being missed.

The Client was very impressed with QCC’s approach and the results achieved.

The Client now procures all TSCM equipment through QCC along with training to integrate the new equipment and processes into their existing inspection processes.

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Training R&D Lab

R & D lab to keep you ahead of the game

Following an eavesdropping threat briefing delivered by QCC staff, QCC was approached and requested to provide ongoing eavesdropping threat updates for an Asian Government Client.

QCC’s R & D (Research & Development) laboratory constantly works to identify any new eavesdropping attack advances to ensure our own teams are best prepared to conduct our TSCM services to protect our Clients and so it was reasonably straightforward to provide this service to this government Client.

As part of this service QCC also provided ongoing update training and equipment to detect and locate these new threats to ensure this Governments TSCM teams remained able to identify and locate the latest eavesdropping attacks.

Classroom Onsite Training

Classroom & on-site training delivers stellar results

QCC was contacted by an African government agency and asked to assist with bringing their TSCM capability up to date following the end of a 5-year training contract with another provider. The Client had grave concerns that their teams had become out of date with detecting bugging attacks as the previous incumbent training and equipment provider had not developed new equipment to address the new bugging threats which had appeared in the 5-year contract term. The negative effect of this incumbent provider was worsened by the fact that they would only provide their own products which had become increasingly limited in capability over the contract duration.

QCC demonstrated our own TSCM capability to the Client and was duly appointed to be the training and equipment provider to that government going forward. The new contract was drawn up to be fluid allowing QCC to provide best of breed equipment from any manufacturer along with training ensuring the Client was not locked in to a less than perfect arrangement.

QCC delivered classroom training in the principles of TSCM and eavesdropping attack detection and on-site practical training in live environments in the Clients own country. This gave the benefit of resolving the real life issues the TSCM teams were having when conducting live sweeps. In this country one challenge was the very high levels of RF energy present but because of QCC’s approach we were able to show the Clients teams techniques and equipment which enabled them to cope with the high RF and still identify any eavesdropping attacks.

QCC ran live TSCM training for the Client in office buildings, presidential palaces and on vehicles to ensure that the delegates had gained as much experience as possible. QCC are contracted to deliver top up training every 6-9 months to ensure the TSCM teams are performing well and also to appraise them of new threats and TSCM techniques.

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