TSCM Training

What is TSCM Training?

TSCM Training is Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Training which is the training of people who need to be able to conduct TSCM inspections to find unauthorised eavesdropping devices or attacks. TSCM Training involves teaching both structured physical search skills and also the use of complex electronic search equipment.

As the world’s largest and most advanced TSCM service company which also develops our own TSCM equipment, QCC is by far the best choice to meet your TSCM training requirements.

Since 1999 QCC has been delivering TSCM services and TSCM Training worldwide in over 100 countries so our team are real world TSCM experts with decades of “hands on” TSCM inspection and TSCM training experience. QCC TSCM training services are accredited, bespoke and designed to exactly suite each of our client’s needs.

Our training packages range from TSCM / eavesdropping threat briefings for Directors / Executives / Security Heads or those personnel tasked with procurement of TSCM training or TSCM services, right through from introductory to advanced TSCM training of government TSCM teams in all aspects of TSCM service delivery including planning, on-site conduct, TSCM equipment operation, physical inspection and inspection reporting. QCC also provide advanced Cyber TSCM training for government Cyber TSCM teams. QCC advanced TSCM and advanced Cyber TSCM training is only available to qualifying entities.

QCC TSCM equipment training is not tied to any specific make or model of TSCM equipment and as such we can supply training for virtually all types of TSCM equipment or combinations of TSCM equipment. QCC utilises our own Central London TSCM training facility combined with off-site live training environments where required. We also provide training in the students country when required as we believe TSCM engineers should be trained in their own environments. This enables in-depth knowledge of the local radio frequency spectrum, cellular frequencies and telecommunications services to be considered by QCC training staff thereby giving the students the best real world examples of how to conduct a TSCM inspection specifically in that location.

Our TSCM Training solutions:

Eavesdropping / TSCM Threat Briefings for Executives / Directors

Our briefings are designed to help directors or executives who may be the subject of eavesdropping to understand the current eavesdropping threat, what to look out for and what they can do to help protect themselves from eavesdropping attack. Included in the briefing is information on high risk countries and practical advice for travelling executives with regard to personal safety, information security and secure communications.

The briefings can be tailored to suit the individual Client needs and use real world examples to clearly illustrate points made.

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Eavesdropping / TSCM Threat Briefings for Security Leaders / Teams

Our briefings are created to give Security leaders and personnel who are responsible for the procurement and management of TSCM services programmes a clear understanding of the eavesdropping threat, the range of TSCM solutions available to manage the risk of eavesdropping and where, how and when is best to apply them to achieve the best return on investment. Our TSCM threat briefings cut through the “smoke and mirrors” associated with TSCM services, providing the real information which is required by security and procurement staff to fully understand the eavesdropping threat and the best way to manage the associated risk. We use actual eavesdropping devices and real world examples of attacks to educate the course attendees.

INTRODUCTORY LEVEL TSCM Training for Government TSCM Teams / Engineers

QCC are not tied to any specific manufacturer and supplier and as such we can supply training on the operation of many types of TSCM equipment. Our vast experience in the TSCM market since 1998 allows us to train operators in confidence. QCC utilises our own Central London facility combined with off-site live training environments. We can also use partner training venues to deliver TSCM equipment training.

We also provide training in the operator’s country as we believe TSCM operators should be trained in their own environments. This enables in-depth knowledge of the local radio frequency spectrum and cellular frequencies and services.

QCC can supply training in the following equipment areas:

  • Radio Frequency Examination (Near Field-Far Field)
  • Spectrum Analyser Operation.
  • Cellular Device Detection and Location (SearchLight Plus)**
  • Telephone and Structured Cabling Testing.
  • WiFi- Bluetooth- DECT Device detection
  • NLJD-TSCM Thermography- Forensic Lighting
  • Covert Camera and Lens Detection
  • X-Ray and other Search Tools

We can also supply specialist training on other systems and capability training for active TSCM operators needing to be bought “up to date”.

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INTERMEDIATE LEVEL TSCM Training for Government TSCM Teams / Engineers

Our Intermediate Level Training courses build on the skills and knowledge gained on our introductory courses and provide TSCM engineers with a deeper understanding of TSCM, the associated laws of physics, TSCM processes, procedures and TSCM inspection skills and techniques. Training again involves classroom presentations, practical demonstrations and practical exercises with the use of real eavesdropping attacks and real search scenarios to both demonstrate skills to the students and test them on their newly acquired knowledge. Intermediate Level training can be tailored to suit Client requirements and gives the student a solid understanding of TSCM and the skills required to be a TSCM engineer. QCC’s Intermediate Level training is the ideal pathway to QCC’s Advanced Level training programme to become an Advanced skilled TSCM Engineer, TSCM Team Leader or TSCM Manager.

ADVANCED LEVEL – TSCM Training for Government TSCM Teams / Engineers

Our Advanced Level Training courses take the skills learnt in our Introductory and Intermediate courses and expand the TSCM engineers knowledge to the fullest extent. The course teaches TSCM engineers to think outside of the box and consider the newest and most advanced communication methods and technologies which can be exploited or used to exploit the eavesdropping target and successfully eavesdrop on them or it. We teach the most advanced TSCM skills and techniques available to find all forms of eavesdropping up to and including government level attacks with a full consideration to what new attacks could be about to be developed by the attackers.

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TSCM Equipment Specific Training

Our TSCM equipment specific training covers virtually all types, makes and models of TSCM equipment. Our courses focus on specific pieces of TSCM equipment or combinations of equipment and maximising the course attendees skills and knowledge as an operator of that equipment to an advanced level.

QCC offers training on all of the following systems:

  • QCC BlackLight V3
  • QCC SearchLight Plus V2
  • QCC Sentinel V1
  • REI TALAN 3.0
  • REI ORION HX Deluxe
  • REI ORION 2.4 HX
  • REI ORION 900 HX
  • REI ORION HGO-4000
  • REI VPC 2.0
  • REI VPC 2.0 Deluxe
  • REI CMA – 100
  • REI ANG – 2200
  • REI Hawkeye V2 Deluxe
  • Shearwater Merlin MK4
  • Shearwater Bloodhound
  • JJN Digital HAS – Q1
  • JJN Digital CAM – 105W
  • JJN Digital W10 – PROGX
  • JJN Digital WAM –108T
  • Signal Hound SA44B / SA124B
  • Signal Hound BB60A / BB60C
  • ThinkRF WSA5000
  • Tektronix RSA306-USB
  • Anritsu C Series
  • CRFS RFeye / Nexus
  • FLIR Thermal imagers
  • Forensic Lighting
  • Physical Search Kit

We can also supply training on other TSCM equipment not listed above, please contact us if you have a specific requirement.

Physical Search TSCM Training

Our Physical Search TSCM training course teaches the attendees all of the skills they need to conduct a structured physical search of a target area for eavesdropping. This training is aimed at TSCM engineers but can also be a valuable skill for close protection teams and in-house security teams who require the ability to perform limited physical searches of target areas. If required by the client this course can include the use of electronic search aids, such as Non Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD), Thermal Imaging Cameras, Forensic Lighting and physical search tools. This training is delivered using classroom based sessions coupled with live training environments where devices and attacks have been deployed.
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Please Note: QCC Global Ltd only supplies accredited TSCM training services to Government, Military, Law Enforcement, CPNI & Commercial Partnership clients.

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