What can I expect from a competent TSCM Bug Sweeping Company?

Do not be fooled into conducting a bug sweep on the cheap. It is essential that a sweep is carried out professionally if it is to have any hope of success in finding hidden bugs. Sweeps take time and effort and should be conducted by professionals.

Initial risk assessment

A competent TSCM (bug sweeping) company will discuss your suspicions and fears and risk assess the situation. If needed, they will arrange to meet with you to discuss the problem away from the suspected area


A professional counter surveillance company will be very discreet in their dealings with you.

They should thoroughly discuss and understand your requirements for an inspection. In some cases a competent company may even advise against having a TSCM inspection or bug sweep, if after assessing the evidence they feel it is not appropriate or is not required.

Specialist skills and expertise

A specialist TSCM (bug sweeping) company with many years experience will have a large and current inventory of equipment and trained personnel at their disposal. A good counter surveillance company will also have many years experience of working in global locations to draw upon in solving your surveillance problem.

Counter surveillance services

A specialist TSCM (bug sweeping) company will offer a range of services to suit your requirements. These include physical security reviews, computer scanning and IP detection, layered security inspections and reporting.

TSCM (bug sweeping) inspection

The TSCM (bug sweeping) inspection should be conducted covertly, out of normal office hours with little or no personnel on site during the operation.

A suitable cover story should be in place and have supporting documentation to divert attention away from the counter surveillance inspection team, contractors or unauthorised staff.

Post operation reporting

A thorough post operation report should be provided soon after the inspection detailing any findings, the equipment and procedures used during the inspection, any relevant test results and a schedule of the areas inspected.

A professional TSCM firm should also report on any physical and electronic security findings which would enable electronic eavesdropping or indeed any form of industrial espionage to take place.

Implementation of a detailed and comprehensive report post operation will reduce the likelihood of being the target of industrial espionage or unauthorised eavesdropping.