What can I expect to pay for a professional TSCM counter surveillance inspection?

The cost of counter surveillance inspections

The cost for a professional TSCM operation is not fixed, but is dependent upon a number of factors:

  • The size and number of rooms/vehicles to be inspected.
  • The amount of telephone/fax/computer lines and cabling to be inspected.
  • The number of floor/wall boxes outlets, and structured cabling.
  • The amount of computers or specialist electronic equipment within the target areas.
  • The travel time to and from the target location(s).
  • The frequency of the TSCM inspections will usually affect the cost. A client having four or five TSCM inspections per year should pay less per sweep than a client who commissions only one bug sweep per year.

Is is easy to be tempted into going for the cheapest solution. However, there are a number of operators who offer TSCM services without really understanding the technologies or the methods employed by those who plant bugs. Our best advice to you is to ask searching questions about the kit being used, how old it is, how much it cost and what it actually does.

If you have any doubts about the TSCM provider, don’t use them. As a professional company that specialises in counter surveillance we always welcome conversations with our clients. We keep you fully informed and never try to bamboozle you with techie speak.

Contact QCC Global for further information on counter surveillance operations and prices.