What should I do if I suspect I may be under surveillance, or have been bugged?

Use secure communication methods

To minimise risk of leaking sensitive information, your first course of action is to use secure communication methods outside of the area(s) you suspect are under surveillance.

If you suspect industrial espionage it may also be prudent to reschedule any meetings or confidential discussions to take place before the target area is inspected.

Minimise security risks

Keep knowledge of your fears of being bugged to as few people as possible.

Only discuss the matter with personnel who need to be involved with the commissioning of a bug sweep or counter surveillance inspection.

Conduct a risk assessment

Arrange a risk assessment of the area(s) you suspect to be under surveillance by a bug sweeping specialist as soon as possible.

A risk assessment of the area(s) of concern may reveal the need for a full inspection by a TSCM and counter surveillance company.

Contact a reputable counter surveillance company

Do not try to conduct an inspection yourself, or to use available high street equipment.

Inferior equipment and knowledge will not detect bugs, eavesdropping devices, telephone and wire taps, keystroke loggers or surveillance devices.

Contact a reputable company like QCC Global, who specialise in bug sweeping, TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) and counter surveillance.