Working From Home Security Case Studies

TSCM Services

TSCM Sweeps

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic one of QCC clients instructed all employees to work from home, including executives, so important and sensitive discussions were no longer being held in meeting rooms in the company offices, but instead from within executives’ homes via video conferences. This opened up all sensitive meetings and discussions to lots of possible new threats.

Normally the client would have the assurance of a QCC TSCM sweep of their meeting rooms before a sensitive meeting, but now this was not the case. In order to ensure that their private meetings stayed private, the client reallocated QCC to conduct TSCM inspections of all executive’s homes on a regular basis.

Numerous security issues were identified on the initial inspections but QCC worked with the client to deploy remediation and protective security controls to mitigate the issues and improve security at these locations. This helped protect the client’s intellectual property and improved the general security of these homes for the family’s living in them. A win win for everyone!

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Protective Security

Secure Storage

QCC was approached by a high-profile client with a new problem that had arisen after they had begun working from home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The client needed employees to take confidential documents home in order to work from them, but they weren’t prepared with the correct equipment and procedures in order to continue working securely from home.

QCC was able to provide secure storage for both physical and digital documents, as well as helping the client to create policies and procedures for working remotely, enabling them to continue working while not being able to work in the office.

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Physical Security

Physical Security Reviews

QCC was contacted by a client who wanted to allow employees to work remotely from home, but to do so each employee would need to take very valuable pieces of equipment home with them. The client was concerned about the security of their equipment once they were removed from the safety of their own buildings.

In order to help keep any equipment and information that went with it safe, QCC conducted physical security reviews of the employee’s homes. From these, QCC was able to advise the client on the state of any security measures that were already in place in employee’s homes, as well as recommend any additional measures that should be implemented to secure these homes.

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